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Handy is a company that takes pride in putting people in touch with cleaning professionals or other people to get things done around the house. For instance if you need to put shelves together but don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can hire a professional at Handy to do it for you.  Or maybe you would like to update a few things around the house, there will always be someone to help you with that on their platform.


Decorating tips

At a certain point you would want to update certain areas in your home since it would need an update or maybe it is no longer functional. Most people would not have hundreds of dollars to spend on upgrading their home. That is why it is best to look at easy fixes and tips online to get the most bang for your buck. There are people who specialize in home staging and can hide all kinds of flaws to make it the most appealing. The best place to start is the front door. It is a good idea to set the tone there. Since that is the first thing people will generally notice about your home is the front door, it is good to have a fun color. Red is a great option since it is considered to be lucky in many cultures. Two other hues gaining popularity are orange and yellow since it brings joy and warmth. Something that should go are old screen doors since it makes your door seem clunky and outdated.


As for the color of your walls, it is best to stick to colors like beige or grey for the first floor since the flow between rooms is important. Since there aren’t much doors on the first floor, it is best to avoid terrible transitions between rooms. By sticking to these colors, it is easiest to do so with these neutral hues.


How to decorate your living room

When you think about certain public areas, the way the furniture is set up is to invite conversation between people. A great way to arrange the seating is to have a U shaped arrangement. To do this, it is best to have a sofa at the base with two chairs at each end of the coffee table. Another option can be to have an H shape that can have a sofa directly across two chairs with a coffee table in the middle.

You want to grow your company. Your ideas and your interested customers / suppliers are ready. But, your overall balance is not. Unfortunately, there is too much money immobilized in accounts receivable. You already have work completed or have sent product and only expect to be paid. Begin to access these funds through factoring with Capital.

What is the factoring economy?

Factoring is an ideal financing alternative for small and medium businesses, especially companies that do not have a long and established banking history with a large lender. In financial circles, there is a popular expression that says: “the bank only gives you money when you do not need it”. This is because banks operate with a financing model based on lines of credit that is based on what your company has already done and the actions you have at the time.

Factoring is especially indicated for companies that belong to the private sector and that charge by means of checks and transfers. In addition, it relieves risk to companies whose income depends on a limited number of clients. And, finally, it helps companies improve their balance sheet, liquidity, solvency and treasury ratios. With the Cash flow solutions from Alliance One you the supports will be perfect now.

What is “Inverse factoring?

The reverse factoring is what is known as Confirming and consists of a service offered by some entities through which they commit to make payment management to our suppliers and that serves to anticipate the payment of our invoices from our suppliers so that charge before maturity in exchange for the payment of some commissions and interest to the Confirming entity that anticipates the resources, that goes well because if our company is doing well to pay 90 days and our supplier does not, because before losing it, it is possible to interpose a Confirming company, which anticipates the amount of invoices in exchange for interest based on maturity and, if the supplier accepts, all so happy and happy.

The Confirming is known as inverse factoring because it is the opposite operation to that of Factoring since one manages the collection of customers and the other manages payments to suppliers and that both have as their main advantage that provides us with an excellent image in front of third parties and that we are guaranteed by a financial institution that mediates in the good end of the operations of collection and payment to third parties and another advantage is that, both they and us, we can cash the invoices thanks to the intermediation of the factoring or confirming entity .

Which option is better?

As in all financial decisions, depend. The fact that factoring can cost you an annual percentage rate of more than 20% does not mean that you should discard it automatically. Imagine this hypothetical situation: a supplier of an item has a contract to sell his product to a large customer, and the sale could mean $ 500,000 in profits. To fulfill the contract, the supplier needs to invest $ 50,000 to produce the product in two weeks. Are you going to risk losing the account for $ 10,000 (20% of $ 50,000 that it would cost to pay a factoring company)? On the other hand, if the provider has time and has his finances in order, an LDC may be the most profitable option, even if he does not provide insurance on the client’s bills.