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Morning Coffee And Breakfast

When it comes to hospitality, a non-negotiable is most definitely tea and coffee in the morning. Even if you’re the type who loves to sleep in yet your guest is an early-riser who wants to get ahead on the day’s activities, you should show them how to use your appliances. Taragh Bracken’s favorite trick is to use her monster drip coffee maker that can schedule brewing times for early in the morning. This way, both her and her husband don’t need to dash out of bed after having worked a whole week for their early riser family members who wish to get a nice view of the sunrise by the water.


Make Them Feel At Home

Your friend has travelled from another country to enjoy your company. Bringing them to fancy dinners can be nice, however having a cozy night in where you cook simple meals sounds like a perfect alternative. When Bracken has guests traveling to meet her, she makes sure that all their woes and pangs are taken cared for. She’ll give them fresh linens and towels so that they can feel comfortable after a shower and during bed time. If you wish to go over and beyond, purchasing a cute set of guest robes and slippers via Amazon will surely have your guest rave about you for years to come. It is sure to avoid leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.


Prepare A Guest Basket

This basket is a namesake of Taragh’s. It’s essentially a basket of essentials for your guest so that they don’t feel bad bothering you for something they forgot at home. The items you should pack are a fresh tube of toothpaste, a few toothbrushes, extra shampoo and conditioner, handy disposable razors, small packets of medication such as Advil or Tylenol, and a few snacks for their on-the-go adventures. This basket will be a world-renowned hit for your guests who are staying overnight or stopping at your place for a few weeks.


Great Opportunity To Eat


It is often very hard to have a healthy diet and stick to that healthy diet as we are sometimes tempted to eat junk food and treat ourselves, but it is important to remain consistent at all times. By eating healthy one day and then eating junk food the other day you would only be confusing your body as it would not know how to deal with the content it is receiving. Eating healthy can also be very time consuming as you have to plan everything in advance. Preparing your food in advance is very important as you usually have long days at work and school and would therefore not have time to go and prepare your meals every single day. When you have a busy schedule such as the schedule of Nadine Gourkow you must find a way to remain healthy and yet efficient. Once you have finished preparing your meal in advance it will be so much easier for you to then go on your week knowing that you do not have to worry about food. There are a lot of ways and methods that can be used to trick your body to eat healthy foods and actually enjoy it. Here are a few steps that could be taken in order to get the best out of what you eat.


Steps To Take For Healthy meals


  • Cut up different vegetables and place them in a container that has hummus or any other type of vegetable dipping at the bottom in order to make the process quick and easy.
  • Pack a bag of nuts and berries so that whenever you need to snack on something you do not have to go out and purchase food.
  • Getting a decent amount of proteins is also very important to trick your brain of being full. Prepare a large quantity of beans for example in a bowl.
  • At the beginning of the week you can roast a chicken so that you can easily use it for salad, sandwiches, or just as a sider for your rice and beans.
  • Boiling eggs is also a great source of protein and can be great as a portable snack as they are so small and can be conveniently stored.
  • In general, you can find different ways of washing, cutting and storing different vegetables such as peas, green pepper, red pepper (you can also purchase a fruit or vegetable tray in order to avoid the washing and cutting).
  • Making small nutritious muffins that consist of either, fruits or even eggs is another great way of getting all that you need for your body
  • For a great breakfast meal, you can throw some raw oats into the slow cooker whiles getting ready as it takes some time to cook.
  • You may also want to roast some vegetables at the beginning of your week in order to simply throw some vegetables on your meal each day and not have to worry about adding the required vegetable content to your food.
  • Roasting spiced potatoes is also a great way of preparing your meal in advance.
  • You can set aside some wild rice and quinoa to use during the week as well.
  • You can make a jar of salads that you would need for the week or a grilled chicken vegetable bowl.

These are a few steps that are implemented by Nadine in order to ensure that she does not spend too much time on preparing her food during the week but yet gets the most benefit required for food.

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