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Everybody like to watch sports episodes and pictures, there are different types of sports as it would be cricket, football, wrestling, boxing, hockey, badminton, skating, chess, shooting, archery, and many more. Each year thousands of contestants try to make part of the team in the annual game for best performance and to be popular in the world. It is hard and full dedication needed to achieve the goal. There are a lot of subgenres in this category of films involving sports drama, sports comedy, sports biography and etc which it more interesting and these subgenres helps setting up the sport, the matches, the interaction between different players and the struggles athletes in order to reach the destination. Mostly sports movies based up on documentaries which represent best event happened in the particular sport life. The famous earlier pictures like “Corbett and Courtney Before the Kinetograph” shot in 1894 and show the fight between two acclaimed boxers James Corbett and Peter Courtney. One more like Baseball and Bloomers” is also one of the earliest American short sport film produced in 1911.

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