The main activity of good at aircon servicing Singapore is the professional diagnostics, repair and maintenance of air conditioners. They guarantee the high quality of all work performed.

Proper operation of air-conditioning equipment implies not only compliance with correct operating modes, but also timely maintenance. This will prolong the life of the devices and prevent premature failure. Irregular maintenance of air conditioners leads to dust clogging of filters, contamination of evaporators and condensers, the appearance of plaque and mold on drainage pans, as well as fan impeller. As a result, expensive repairs or complete replacement of failed units may be required.

Service maintenance of air conditioners is a complex of works that do not require the replacement of the main components and components. It can also include equipment shutdown to prevent unauthorized winter start-ups and related failures. It is recommended to service climatic equipment at least 2 times during the year – before the season of active operation (in spring) and at the end (in autumn).

Servicing of air conditioners

Maintenance of air conditioners is a rather complicated technological process. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the design features of different models of equipment, the availability of special diagnostic equipment and tools. Therefore, you can only trust it to professionals who are good at aircon servicing.

List of works carried out as part of maintenance of air conditioners

First of all, professionals do the primary reception of equipment and setting it for permanent service. When choosing a strategy, technical and operational factors are taken into account – the type of system, the number of units, and the need for constant work (for example, in server rooms), the cost of equipment and many other things. The list of all activities is indicated in the contract for maintenance of air conditioners, which is made up of individuals and legal entities. It contains a schedule of works, an act on the technical condition of equipment, cost and other points.

Different Stages of Maintenance

Maintenance of air conditioners is carried out only after complex diagnostics and detection of all potential malfunctions. Works include:

  • Departure of the master to the object;
  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning of the indoor unit (including dismantling of filters, rotor, evaporator, fan and other units);
  • Purging, cleaning and disinfecting the drainage system;
  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning of the external unit – housing, heat exchanger and fan;
  • Checking the refrigerant compression;
  • Refilling of Freon;
  • Antibacterial treatment of the evaporator;
  • Maintenance tool
  • Guarantee of the best price for maintenance of the conditioner

In addition, they can order a one-time maintenance of the air conditioner, if there are irregularities in the operation of the equipment. This service is relevant for those users who rarely operate climate technology (in this case it is enough to simply carry out preventive measures – cleaning filters).


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