Handy is a company that takes pride in putting people in touch with cleaning professionals or other people to get things done around the house. For instance if you need to put shelves together but don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can hire a professional at Handy to do it for you.  Or maybe you would like to update a few things around the house, there will always be someone to help you with that on their platform.


Decorating tips

At a certain point you would want to update certain areas in your home since it would need an update or maybe it is no longer functional. Most people would not have hundreds of dollars to spend on upgrading their home. That is why it is best to look at easy fixes and tips online to get the most bang for your buck. There are people who specialize in home staging and can hide all kinds of flaws to make it the most appealing. The best place to start is the front door. It is a good idea to set the tone there. Since that is the first thing people will generally notice about your home is the front door, it is good to have a fun color. Red is a great option since it is considered to be lucky in many cultures. Two other hues gaining popularity are orange and yellow since it brings joy and warmth. Something that should go are old screen doors since it makes your door seem clunky and outdated.


As for the color of your walls, it is best to stick to colors like beige or grey for the first floor since the flow between rooms is important. Since there aren’t much doors on the first floor, it is best to avoid terrible transitions between rooms. By sticking to these colors, it is easiest to do so with these neutral hues.


How to decorate your living room

When you think about certain public areas, the way the furniture is set up is to invite conversation between people. A great way to arrange the seating is to have a U shaped arrangement. To do this, it is best to have a sofa at the base with two chairs at each end of the coffee table. Another option can be to have an H shape that can have a sofa directly across two chairs with a coffee table in the middle.

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